'I would like to thank you for your today's Mindfulness Break organised for employees.

I am not that used to this kind of practices, but today I tried to carefully follow you... I must admit I have really enjoyed some benefits that were unknown to me... I felt really relaxed, so much relaxed that I was just about to fall asleep.

So I would like to thank you once again and tell you that I really appreciated that...'


- online Mindfulness Break participant

'I have very much enjoyed the mindfulness breaks you have offered and would like to continue...'

'It was a great way to decompress'

'.. helpful in a subtle way, I like the opportunity to perform the routine and relax'

- Mindfulness Breaks in the office participants

'I really valued our sessions together. I got some pretty fantastic insights from our sessions and now prioritise self care'

- Mel, Integral Coaching coachee