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Slow down and taste

Updated: Jan 11, 2021

We can bring mindful awareness into our daily lives through any activity.

Dinning alone may emphasise the absence of others but it can be an opportunity to experience and appreciate our meal and how it arrived to our plate.

How to..

  • With your meal in front of you take a few moments, using all your senses to appreciate what you’re about to eat by noticing the colours, shapes, aromas and textures of the food on your plate.

  • Consider how each item arrived onto your plate; Where did it come from? Who was involved in the growing, harvesting, processing, packing, transporting..etc.

  • Take some moments to feel a sense of gratitude to all those who brought the food to your table.

  • As you eat your meal, bring your attention to each mouthful, fully sensing the sounds, textures, tastes and smells.

TIP – bring curiosity to your meal and take time. You may notice how this daily activity becomes a new experience when done mindfully.

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