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Resting in awareness

Updated: Jan 11, 2021

After we’ve settled our mind with our breathing and grounded ourselves in our body, its time to rest in awareness of our present moment experience.

When we are resting with a light awareness of breathing we activate the Vagus Nerve which ‘switches on’ the Parasympathetic Nervous System (PNS) . The PNS links to our ‘rest and digest’ mode where our blood pressure and heart rate is lower; our immune system functions better and our breath is slower.

How to..

  • Settle your mind by paying attention to your breathing after some moments go back to breathing normally;

  • Bring your attention to your body, moving through each part and having a felt sense of what’s there;

  • Allow your attention to rest in your present moment awareness with a sense of the space surrounding you.

TIP – our minds love distraction and as we start to rest its very likely that something arises in our mind that engages our attention. This is the strong habit of mind and when we notice this kindly lead attention back to awareness of breathing. The breath acts as an anchor to the present moment.

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