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Hooked by a thought..

How does your thinking hook you?

Maybe you can't resist the unbounded, extravagant fantasy of day-dreaming; the organising, fixing, solving aspects of future-orientated planning or the rumination of dramas, arguments, emotional roller-coasters of past events. Wherever you get hooked becoming familiar with these habits is a step towards greater self-awareness and personal developement.

How to…

  • Set an intention to take time each day to pause and notice your thoughts and note in a journal their characteristics (for example, future or past oriented, day-dreaming).

  • While pausing, reflect on what emotions, sensations you are experiencing in your body with these thoughts and note this too in your journal.

  • After some days of pausing and noticing, review your observations in your journal. What patterns are emerging? Are there habits that are not helpful? (for example, do they generate strong emotions leading to habitual behaviours?)

TIPS - there is no right or wrong thinking. What we are looking for here is to see our unrecognised habits with an attitude of kindness (i.e. not through self-critiscm).

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