• Mindfulness Based Living

Connecting through our hearts

In compassion-based mindfulness we practice stimulating our soothing, caring and contentment system to promote feelings of safety, connectedness, being cared-for and trusted.

This practice helps to counter balance the effects of our ‘threat’ system by releasing oxytocin - the hormone involved with bonding, trusting and generosity. This helps to counter-balance or reduce our stress response and anxiety.

How to..

  • Settle your mind, ground yourself in the body and rest in awareness [see previous TIPS];

  • Take your hands to your heart or give yourself a self-hug;

  • Notice any sensations (or no sensations), feelings, thoughts that arise from this touch and connection. Rest within this experience for some moments.

TIP – there’s no right / wrong experience, just notice what’s there for you in your experience.

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