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Develop mental resilience by taking in the good

During COVID lockdown my most profound experience was the stillness and spaciousness experienced on early morning lakeside walks. No hussle and bussle of the seven o'clock traffic, no scooters, no horns, no construction noise just the early morning goings on of ducks and swans, preening, diving and the occasional chasing off of male rivals. Nature was the creator of the morning sound track.

The emerging early morning light cast shadows on the shimmering water and softly illuminated buildings revealing a pleasurable colour palette of blues, greys, pinks and beige. The warm rays of a new day brought a sense of reward for being there early to experience the morning freshness. I treasured this quiet time with nature and eagerly took in the good using all my senses, taking time to soak up the sights, sounds, smells in those spacious, blissful early Spring mornings with a feeling of immense heartfelt gratitude knowing this moment too would pass.

Building Mental Resilience

It may be easy to pass off moments like these as 'nice' and forget them but if we want to create resilience in our lives then consciously take time to be 100% in your experience using all your senses - as if your taking a multi-sensory mind movie of the event, feeling your sense of gratitude in your heart and feeling the positive emotions that arise.

Our brains are wired to keep us from danger and automatically 'files' our negative experiences for fast sub-conscious recall. To build mental resilience its important to 'file' our positive experiences and we do this by being fully present to all our senses and emotions.

TIP: create a multi-sensory mind movie of your positive experiences by being fully present with your senses - sight, sound, smell, touch, taste and emotions e.g. notice your heartfelt feelings of gratitude.

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