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Mindfulness Based Living Course©

The MBLC was developed and researched by the Mindfulness Association(UK). This eight week course of weekly sessions (2h), is preceded by an introductory class before the course begins and concluded by a follow-up session after the eighth week. In between weeks 6 & 7 there’s a retreat day (6h) of Mindfulness practice. 

Introductory Session to MBLC©

Before participating in the eight week MBLC© we invite you to this complimentary introduction session. This will allow participants to understand what's involved in the eight week course.

MBLC© for Groups / Clubs

Bringing the MBLC to your group of friends, colleagues or cohorts, offers the opportunity to share a tailored experience that you can continue together beyond the course. 

Mindfulness Breaks in the Workplace

After an introductory session (this can be a Brown Bag Lunch / Lunch & Learn) the experience of mindfulness can be introduced into the workplace with drop-in Mindfulness Breaks. These easy to attend sessions provide personnel with an opportunity to develop a mindfulness practice. 

Retreat Weekend

A retreat weekend offers you the opportunity to leave your day-to-day life and immerse yourself in the experience of Mindfulness. These weekends start on Friday evening until late Sunday afternoon and include gentle movement; walking; creative activities and some periods of silence. 

Coaching - online

One-to-One Individual Mindfulness Coaching

For busy individuals committing to the eight week MBLC is not always possible therefore individual mindfulness coaching can be scheduled around your timetable.

Integral Coaching for Development

offers individuals an opportunity to be guided on their path of personal development by co-creating new perspectives and insights with the coach. All coaching begins with a coffee and chat (30-45mins) to explore your needs and follows on with INTAKE (1.5h) to understand your needs and develop a coaching plan. Subsequent sessions are 1h duration over at least 8 sessions.


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