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Hi, and welcome to Mindfulness Based Living

I'm Cheryl Gooch, a certified Mindfulness teacher through the Mindfulness Association (UK) and I teach their researched Mindfulness Based Living Course© to adults and teenagers. I have recently completed a MSc, Studies in Mindfulness through the University of Aberdeen.

My professional background is in health, safety and environment (HSE) in the oil and gas industry where I have recently had the opportunity to research mindfulness and HSE for a work based project. Bringing mindfulness into the workplace has been very rewarding for me as its a practical tool for managing stress, building resilience and gaining deeper personal insight. I am humbled by the feedback received from colleagues participating in my ‘Mindfulness Breaks’ and this encourages me to reach out to connect more people to this practice through Mindfulness Based Living. 

Since 2015 I have lead MBLC© in Geneva. As I have an affinity for nature and open spaces, when possible, I teach in nature as I believe this enriches the experience of the practice when surrounded by the healing energy of trees, bird song and flowing water. 

As a member of the Mindfulness Association (UK), I have my own daily practice, regularly participate in professional development courses, retreats and follow current research on meditation, neuroscience and consciousness.

I hope that through the courses I offer at Mindfulness Based Living I can provide you with an opportunity to connect you with your journey into a mindfully lived life.

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"I have a vision to create a simple life and live it whole heartedly and fully present" 

Mindfulness Based Living is where I can share my passion for Mindfulness. My intention is to create a space where I can lead others to experience and practice moment to moment awareness and encourage them to lead a mindful-based life. 

My own practice has awakened me to being more present in my day-to-day encounters and activities, provided me with the methods and practices to manage stress, recognise my habitual patterns, appreciate different emotions, develop loving-kindness and compassion.

These methods and practices in mindfulness, loving-kindness and compassion are included in the courses that I teach and are tools to use in daily life. With a regular mindfulness practice our self-awareness can grow and deepen and be the foundation for greater personal development. 

When we lead our daily lives connected to our hearts with awareness and presence we can be of greater benefit to the people and environment surrounding us.