compassion based mindfulness for life

Mindfulness with loving-kindness and compassion practices enable us to connect to our inner resources helping us to cope effectively with stress, difficulty and illness. Mindfulness promotes a way of being that helps us to take better care of ourselves, lead healthier lives and connect with our hearts. 


Through Mindfulness Based Living its my intention to provide tools and resources for others to step out of their comfort zone, ’switch off’ auto-pilot and live life in the present with an open heart.

Courses & Coaching

Compassion-based mindfulness is a powerful tool and at Mindfulness Based Living we offer qualified teacher-led sessions to guide and support you in creating or developing your practice; Mindfulness Based Living Course© 8wks; Mindfulness Breaks; Lunch'n'Learn; one-to-one mindfulness coaching . 

Integral Coaching offers individuals an opportunity to be guided on their path of personal development by co-creating new perspectives and insights with the coach. All coaching begins with a coffee and chat (30-45mins) to explore your needs and follows on with INTAKE (1.5h) to understand your needs and develop a coaching plan. Subsequent sessions are 1h duration over at least 8 sessions.


All training and coaching online

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